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bacteria water test kit

The clearest, best tasting water may contain bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites that go undetected until it is too late. A survey coordinated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates 41% of wells may be contaminated with coliform bacteria. Whether you are on a public or private water supply, the only way to be sure your water is safe is to test it yourself.

Now available is an EPA-based way to check the safety of your water. PurTestTM - Bacteria, Nitrate, Nitrite allows you to easily and accurately test your own water for dangerous contaminants. No laboratories or special equipment required - the tests are quickly and easily performed right at home. A color change from purple to yellow indicates the presence of harmful coliform bacteria (contains 1 test).
A "color comparison" test strip for nitrate/nitrites indicates if these are present, and the approximate level (contains 2 tests).
For only $14.95, you will have peace of mind about the safety of your water.  

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(This kit is also available as part of the Home Water Analysis Test Kit - see below)


iron hardness water test kit

The Iron/Hardness Plus is a kit of easy-to-use strip tests that allow you to quickly test for 8 common contaminants/conditions. Each test takes just moments to perform, and gives immediate results. The kit contains two of each laboratory certified test, along with a water analysis results sheet. Test for: Iron, Hardness, Copper, Nitrates, Nitrites, Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity. $8.95.  

(This kit is also available as part of the Home Water Analysis Test Kit - see below)


lead water test kit

PurTest� LEAD is an EPA-based method designed to easily allow you to screen your water for dangerous levels of lead.

Treating for lead contamination is critical since lead poisoning can present serious health risks such as gastrointestinal disorders, paralysis, brain and spinal cord damage especially in children. For pregnant women, lead contamination can result in miscarriage.

Most municipal plants do test for lead, but lead contamination is most likely to come from the distribution network or even our home's plumbing system. Older homes often have lead in the pipes, newer homes often have lead in the soldered pipe fittings. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates more than 40,000 citizens use water that contains harmful levels of lead.

Initial testing should be done every 6 months, then every two years. It is critical to check the primary faucet used for drinking and cooking water, usually the kitchen tap. It's best to check every faucet: each PurTest� kit provides material for 2 tests.

PurTest� Lead instantly detects harmful lead levels above EPA standards 15 ppb (parts per billion). $14.95  

(This kit is also available as part of the Home Water Analysis Test Kit - see below)


home water test kit

There are numerous contaminants in water that can be harmful to your health and/or your home's plumbing, fixtures, and appliances.
The Home Water Analysis Kit provides a reliable, convenient way to check your water supply for 13 contaminants and conditions. In addition, a free basic water knowledge and information book and water test results sheet are included. The EPA-based laboratory-certified kit allows you to screen for: Bacteria (see info above), Lead, Nitrates, Nitrites, Pesticides, Chlorine, Iron, Copper, pH, Alkalinity, and Hardness. Contains one test for bacteria and pesticides, and two for the rest. A GREAT VALUE at $29.95!  





pesticide water test kit

Pesticide contamination in your well can cause your water to become dangerous to your health. Now you can easily and accurately test for these common Triazine-family pesticides: Atrizine, Simazine, Cyanazine, Propazine, Simetryn, Prometryn, Desethyl Atrazine, Atraton, Desisopropyl Atrazine, Tertbuthylazine, Ametryn, 2-Hydroxy Atrazine.
For only $14.95, you will have peace of mind about the safety of your water.  
(This kit is also available as part of the Home Water Analysis Test Kit - see above)


arsenic water test kit

Arsenic sometimes naturally occurs in water and can be found in public and private water supplies. Mining operations, semiconductor manufacturing, use of wood preservatives are some of the ways water can be contaminated with this poison.

If you have a private well you should test for arsenic at least annually because arsenic is often found at levels over 100 times the U.S. EPA safe standard.

SensSafe Quick(tm) Arsenic test kits provides an easy method of screening water for arsenic (type III and V), in just minutes, conveniently right at home or in the field.  Designed using cutting-edge chemistry, our kits report results in as few as 14 minutes and detect from 0.3 ppb. Our patented test kits are recommended by numerous states. Performance and accuracy of these kits have been verified by the USEPA through the ETV program ( www.epa.gov/etv). There is nothing to mail and you get instant results. By identifying arsenic in your water, you can take steps to avoid the risks linking this substance to lung and skin cancer or death. In as little as 12 minutes, Quick(tm) Arsenic allows you to easily check and be sure your water meets the safe standard for arsenic as established by the World Health Organization: 10 parts per billion (ppb). 

Kit contains five (5) arsenic tests and costs $29.95 each.


bulk hardness test strips

Now you can monitor the hardness of your water or the performance of your water softener with these bulk hardness test strips. Just dip the strip, wait until color development occurs, and compare the color of the reacted pad to the chart printed on the container. Total Hardness Test Strips, 0-425 ppm or 0-25 gpg, 50 test strips. Part number 2745250, $19.95 per bottle.





bulk chlorine test strips

Now you can monitor the free and total chlorine level of your water or the performance of your water filter with these bulk chlorine test strips. Just dip the strip, wait until color development occurs, and compare the color of the reacted pads to the chart printed on the container. Chlorine Test Strips, Low Range 0-10 ppm Free or Total, 50 test strips. Part number 2745050, $19.95 per bottle.





Hydrogen Sulfide gives off a "rotten egg" odor, even in low amounts. Since it is a volatile gas, it needs to be tested on-sight for an accurate reading. To determine the proper equipment needed to effectively remove it, test your well water to find the level of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) that is present. This easy test will accurately detect levels of H2S up to 5 ppm. Contains enough for 18 tests. Part number HS-C. $49.95 per kit.


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