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Pentair Water Reverse Osmosis

Pentair Water PRF-RO

Reverse Osmosis System

Continuous Flow,

With No Storage Tank!


Pentair Water has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the water treatment industry. Out-of-the-box thinking and years of research have produced a totally new point-of-use drinking water system. The PRF-RO System features continuous-flow water production of 0.5+ gallons per minute, so a storage tank is no longer required. RO water on demand!


pentair reverse osmosisThe unit operates on line pressure, which eliminates the need for an electrical pump in most applications. The patented high-production, twin low-energy membranes purifies up to 690 gallons of water per day - an endless supply! Families will enjoy using pure RO water for drinking water, coffee, juices, soups and other cooking uses, ice, pets, rinsing vegetables, etc., never having to fear running out, even if entertaining company! This high capacity performance also creates new opportunities for light commercial applications, such as coffee shops, and beauty salons, at the price of a residential system. Big innovation, bigger opportunities.


The PRF-RO system wastes much less water than traditional tank-style systems. Since there is no storage tank, there is no negative back pressure exerted against the membrane. While tank-type systems may start out with a 20% recovery (1 gallon treated to 4 waste), as the storage tank fills, recovery efficiency drops to as low as 5% (1 gallon treated to 19 gallons waste) when the tank is near full. Since the Pentair RO has no storage tank, the membranes operated at the optimum recovery rate of 29% (1 to 3) at ALL TIMES! See pages 21 and 22 of the Merlin Application Guide (download below) for more details.

Pentari Reverse Osmosis

Download the Pentair PRF-RO Brochure (435 KB)

Download the Pentair PRF-RO Assembly and Installation Manual (1.3 MB)



Pentair Water PRF-RO - $899.00 each






Replacement Carbon Block Prefilter (replace approx. once per year) - $49.00


Replacement Carbon Post Filter (replace approx. once per year) - $29.00


Replacement Membrane - two (2) required (replace approx. every three years) - $149.00 each


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