Thai Natural Deodorant by Deodorant Stones Of America (THE MANUFACTURER). Thai crystal stone deodorant products are all natural potassium alum. This means NO ALUMINUM. These natural, crystal, deodorant stones by Deodorant Stones of America are the best crystal deodorants available. Recommended by Walter Reed Army Hospital to their patients. Over 10 million sold. If you are looking for the original, Thai deodorant stone; you have found it. Deodorant Stones Of America has been providing the best natural deodorants and service within this industry for the past 15 years. ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS.

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Thai Deodorant Stone. The grand daddy of all deodorant stones. Natural Crystal Stone is hand shaped and smoothed and will provide round the clock protection. LASTS OVER ONE YEAR! INCLUDES: COLORFUL POUCH AND COUNTER DISH. Net weight - 6 ounces.


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DEODORANT STICK, Thai Natural Crystal Rock

Thai Deodorant Stick. All Natural ALUMINUM FREE DEODORANT. Best Natural Rock Deodorant. DEODORANT STONES OF AMERICA. Packaged in traditional "push-up" stick applicator. Great for travel. Net weight - 4.25 ounces.


Our Price: $8.95

Shipping charge - $8.95 on orders less than $99.00, FREE on orders $99.00 and more.

Spray Deodorant, THAI Deodorant Natural Crystal

Spray deodorant, THAI natural spray deodorant 8oz spray deodorant by Deodorant Stones Of America. Best natural crystal deodorant stone spray deodorant. Non-Aerosol Pump. Great for feet!

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Shipping charge - $8.95 on orders less than $99.00, FREE on orders $99.00 and more.


Thai Deodorant Powder 3 oz not only stops body odor, but also eliminates wetness. It combines cornstarch with the deodorant deodorant stone crystals. (3oz.) DRY AND ODOR FREE, Naturally. (NO TALC)

Retail Price: $7.95

Shipping charge - $8.95 on orders less than $99.00, FREE on orders $99.00 and more.


It is believed that the first recorded use of Potassium Alum was in ancient China and Egypt for the odor reducing effects. Approximately 100 A.D. is when the Roman historian Plinus documented the manufacturing of ALUMEN ROMANUM through the repeated dissolving of potassium alum slates in water. The resulting large crystals were mainly used to relieve internal inflammations.
In the 8th century, the first standardized production of alum through multiple crystalization took place in what is believed to be Mesopotamia. These high quality crystals were called ALUMEN DE ROCCA. In 1248 A.D. a large alum factory was built in Naples. There the production of a high grade potassium alum crystal was used for medicinal purposes, while an industrial grade potassium alum was used for tanning leather and what is believed to be one of the first commercial producers of paper.
In the 15th century, Bartholomew Perdix recored the existence of an alum factory on the island of Ischia. Giovanni de Castro founded the famous alum factory of the Vatican in 1458. This gave the Pope the monopoly of alum which was enjoyed until the 16th century when a large number of alum factories existed in Germany. In the 17th century, alum production began in England. In 1777, French chemist A.L. Lavoisier gave the first correct description of Kali-Alum, which is still produced in Europe and used primarily in industrial purposes.
With a long history and a variety of uses, POTASSIUM ALUM has remained a vital part of industry and health care, but Deodorant Stones Of America has perfected the production of an all natural crystal of potassium alum that is 100% effective, economical and safe to use on our bodies. Doctors from revered medical facilities such as the Mayo Clinic have recommended crystals for their patients with dermathtis and the Walter Reed Army Hospital recommends THAI deodorant stone and mists for their patients who are post operative cancer patients receiving radiation treatment. All are examples of 21st Century medicine using an ancient, safe and pure form of protection. We now know that we have a lot to thank history for teaching us.


YES IT WORKS...This Deodorant Stone is the finest body deodorant on the market today. Your entire family will find this crystal stone to be the most effective deodorant they will ever use. Men, women and teens all love it! The Deodorant Stone is over 300% more effective than commercial deodorants. and yet it is 100% pure and natural. The Deodorant Stone does not contain any harsh chemicals, perfumes, oils, emulsified alcohol. or propellants. It is made from potassium alum  mineral salts which are crystallized, then hand shaped and smoothed. It contains no aluminum chlorohydrate.) The Deodorant Stone is not sticky or greasy. will not stain clothing, irritate your skin, or leak in your suitcase. It is the finest product on the market today and best of all IT WORKS!

HOW IT WORKS...The Deodorant Stone is not a cover-up nor does it clog pores. The Deodorant Stone actually inhibits bacterial growth on your body This bacterial growth Is what causes body odor. So by eliminating this odor-causing bacteria, we have eliminated body odor. The Stone attacks the problem, not the results of the problem. The Stone does not have perfume that only covers one odor with another artificial odor like some sprays or powders. The Deodorant Stone leaves an invisible layer of protection that prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming and leaves you feeling fresh and clean all through the day.

EASY TO USE...After bath or shower while body is still damp, simply Stone to areas that need protection. (in the same manner as you would use roll-on). If body is dry, wet Stone with water then apply Make sure the entire area is covered. Remember, the Deodorant Stone eliminates unpleasant odor-causing bacteria from forming RINSE AFTER USING. Effective against foot odors, too!

ECONOMICAL...As if the mere fact that this is finest deodorant available on the market today wasn't enough of a reason for you to buy, how about this. One of these Deodorant Stones is equivalent to about 12 cans of deodorant sprays. One Stone lasts months, up to a year. For only pennies a day you receive maximum protection at a fraction of the cost of commercial deodorant.

Aluminum Question?

DSA's deodorant stones are made of potassium alum. It is a pure product made without the addition of chemicals, fragrances, oils or alcohol. The chemical formula for potassium alum is K2SO4Al2(SO4)324H20. Potassium alum is a colorless substance that forms octahedral or cubic crystals.

Bauxite is the ore from which alum is drawn. It is formed by the rapid weathering of granite rocks in warm, humid climates and can be purified and converted directly into alum.

Potassium alum is soluble in seven times its weight of water at room temperature and is very soluble in hot water. When crystalline potassium alum is heated, some of the water of hydration becomes chemically separated, and the partly dehydrated salt dissolves in this water, so that the alum appears to melt at about 90 degrees C (approx. 392 degrees F), potassium alum swells up, loses all water, and becomes a basic salt called burn alum. Potassium alum has a density of 1.725.

Alum's are used for a variety of uses including as a powerful astringent.

If an aluminum compound, such as aluminum chlorhydrate or aluminum zirconium, which is very soluble, is used as an antiperspirant, that compound is readily absorbed. Once in the body, the aluminum portion of the molecule ionizes, forming free or radical aluminum (Al+++). This passes freely across cell membranes, and forms a physical plug, that when dissolved is selectively absorbed by the liver, kidney, brain, cartilage and bone marrow. It is this concentration of aluminum that has been the source of concern in the medical community and has prompted the research being done on ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE and BREAST CANCER victims. Potassium alum molecules have a negative ionic charge, making it unable to pass through the cell wall. THEY ARE NOT ABSORBED. This is why our deodorants are safe to use and will not cause high levels of ALUMINUM in your system. ALUM and ALUMINUM are two different substances, with distinct chemical signatures. They possess different chemical properties which create different chemical attributes.

We hope this information helps to dispel some of the misunderstandings about ALUM and puts your mind at ease about the safety of all of DSA's deodorant products.

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