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KDF MediaGuard Filter Add-On System

The KDF MediaGuard filter system can be added to any of our water softeners to give it an extra level of filtration capability. For municipal water, add the KDF-55 MediaGuard - it removes chlorine and heavy metals, and prevents the growth of bacteria in your softener system. Chlorine can degrade resin and cut its life in half (about 7-10 years @ 1 ppm chlorine vs. 15-20 years @ 0 ppm chlorine).

For well water, add the KDF-85 MediaGuard to remove moderate amounts of iron and hydrogen sulfide (up to 1 ppm iron and/or H2S).  (For higher amounts, see our well water filter page.)

The KDF MediaGuard cartridge will typically last about 7 years before needing replacement.

The MediaGuard "twist-locks" onto the Autotrol valve base and simply slides down the riser tube (will not work on the Turbulator riser). Water enters the MediaGuard and is distributed into the four chambers containing the KDF media. As it enters the chambers, the media is picked up and "swirls" with the water - this mixing action greatly increasing the contact time with the water. The water then exits the chambers where it continues on through the softener resin and then exits through the riser tube. During backwash, the flow is reversed. The resin is lifted and cleaned of sediment, and the KDF media releases any oxidized contaminants, revitalizing them. For additional information on the KDF media, click HERE .

KDF-55 MediaGuard (chlorine, heavy metals), YOUR PRICE - $149.00, with softener purchase. 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee!

KDF-85 MediaGuard (iron, hydrogren sulfide, YOUR PRICE - $149.00, with softener purchase. 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee!

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