Water Softener Warranty Policy

Our softeners are warranted against material defects and workmanship as follows:

Autotrol Control Valve - 5 Years
Structural Fibers Resin Tank - 10 Years
Clack Corp. Brine Tank - 5 Years
Purolite Resin - 10 Years (Prorata)

If a component fails within the warranty period, call us at 800.669.1376. Typically, you would return the affected part and we would send you a free replacement.

One big advantage of the Autotrol valve is its modular design - this makes it home-owner servicable if the need arises. Most parts are easily removed and replaced, usually without tools! Since the suppliers of our softener's components are national companies, there are many local dealers that would be able to service the softener, if you prefer.