Resin stays cleaner, lasts longer with an Autotrol®Turbulator.

The Autotrol Turbulator stirs up the resin to increase iron removal and conditioner efficiency.
Here's a proven, economical, efficient way to enhance iron removal and add extra value in any water conditioner.

The backwash distributor with a stirring difference.
The Turbulator doesn't rely on the conventional riser system, a hit-or-miss technique in which water flows up through the resin bed in the hope that some iron will be removed in the process. Instead, the Turbulator utilizes a water-stream compression device that really stirs up the resin bed.

Unique propelling action ensures maximum cleaning.
The Turbulator propels resin beads at high speed to the top of the resin bed, then allows them to settle back to the bottom. Small particles of dirt and iron are scrubbed from the beads and flow to the drain. So the bed is constantly turned over and reclassified. The result? Resin beds stay cleaner and last longer.

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