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Osmonics/Autotrol ReadySoft Twin Alternating System

The Autotrol ReadySoft alternating system is a sophisticated twin-tank design created for efficiency and convenience in a variety of applications. Incorporating an intelligent control and water meter, the ReadySoft system electronically monitors water usage and automatically indexes the double-valve design between two tanks to provide an uninterrupted supply of soft water. The ReadySoft system’s ease of operation is equaled only by the uncommon reliability proven by the Autotrol Series 255 valve with its simple design and reinforced Noryl* construction.

The ReadySoft system operates using two control valves connected by a manifold system. A main control equipped with a six-digit easy-to-read LED display and interface buttons is used to program the system and send operating instructions to the secondary control.During operation, when the capacity of the on-line tank has been reached, the main control switches the tank in standby into operation and places the on-line tank into regeneration. After completing the regeneration the tank idles in the standby position until the on-line tank becomes exhausted. Prior to coming on-line, the control valve in standby performs an automatic fast rinse to drain, cleansing the tank and removing any residual salt solution. Service water flows through the manifold connection and is measured by a turbine flow meter in the outlet piping. During normal operation the main control displays the Capacity Remaining and Flow Ratefor the tank on-line.

While regeneration is initiated automatically when the resin bed is exhausted,the cycles of regeneration such as Backwash, Slow Rinse, and Fast Rinse canbe adjusted to meet a wide variety of water challenges. In addition, saltsettings and capacities may be programmed to fine-tune the operation andefficiency of the system. The soft water backwash feature eliminates hardnesscarryover and contamination of the resin bed with precipitated materialsto assure clean and efficient operation. If a regeneration is required outof sequence, regeneration of one or both of the tanks can be initiated witha simple press of a button.

For use in residential and light commercial applications, the ReadySoft system has numerous special features which make it the premier twin-tank systemon the market today. Water usage information measured by the ReadySoft control system is stored in the main controller’s non-volatile memory and can be easily accessed. This allows for an in-depth look at the application through a wide variety of water usage and operational information including:

Solid State Microprocessor
Optional Remote Regeneration

Provides maximum reliabilityfor long-term, trouble-free service.
  Initiation of regeneration is possible from remote site.
Turbine Operation
Valve-Disc Technology

Single, moving turbine uses Hall effect sensor to measure water flow. There are no gears or cables to cause mechanical failure.

Valve discs areheld closed by water pressure and regulate the on-and off-line status oftankswithout the use of solenoid valves or sliding-type seals.
Soft Water Backwash

Maintains program data and history data in the event of a power outage.

Eliminates hardness carryover and bed fouling.
LED Display
Manual Regeneration Possible

Six-digit, easy-to-read display makes  programming simple.

Manual regeneration can be initiated with just the touch of a button.
Standard 255 Valves and 960 Series Controls
Salt Setting Lockout

Standard components mean customer recognition and limited stock of replacement parts.

Allows you to lock out the salt setting so it cannot be changed by unauthorized personnel.
Redundant Twin-Valve System
Minimal Soft Water Used in Regeneration

 True twin-tank design provides continuous soft water while allowing one tank to operateindependent of the other.

The average system uses only 30 gallons of soft water for regeneration at the default setting.

ReadySoft-32: Two 1 cubic foot tanks of resin (32,000 grain peak capacity each) - $1,349 with free shipping!
ReadySofti-48: Two 1 1/2 cubic foot tanks of resin (48,000 grain peak capacity each) - $1,549 with free shipping!
ReadySoft-64: Two 2 cubic feet tanks of resin (64,000 grain peak capacity each) - $1,648 with free shipping!

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ReadySoft-32: Main unit - two tanks each 9" diameter X 56.5 tall, brine tank - 15 X 17 X36 (275 lbs. salt capacity)
ReadySoft-48: Main unit - two tanks each 10" diameter X 62.5 tall, brine tank - 15 X 17 X36 (275 lbs. salt capacity)
ReadySoft-64: Main unit - two tanks each 12" diameter X 56.5 tall, brine tank - 15 X 17 X36 (275 lbs. salt capacity)

Water Softener Specifications

Ready Soft Twin Alternating Manual - 3.9 MB

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